What I’ve Been Up to These Days

Currently working on:

  • Content and operations for Vape Club International, a business (some call it a startup) I run with a partner.
  • A collection of short stories that are mostly about love and sex. If you would like to be notified when it launches, please fill up this form.
  • Submitting more fiction and creative writing to anthologies, magazines and journals. The goal this year is 100 rejections!

Creative projects:

  • Write Club – The first rule of Write Club is…
  • Silent Book Club – A super chill combination of eating, drinking and reading.
  • Dreampuff Studios – I no longer accept requests for paid development work but will build websites pro bono if I believe in your startup/NGO/project.

Volunteer work:

  • Code Play, a social enterprise that aims to bridge the gender gap within the tech sector in Asia. We currently run Rails Girls MY and have more programs in the works!

On hiatus:

I’ve stopped producing episodes for The Sex Beat, a podcast about sex that I had been working on since Feb 14, 2016.

Since the start of June, I have stopped accepting paid content development and writing work (unless I truly believe in a business).

My content agency is on a temporary hiatus, for reasons I sortof cover in this post. But if you’re looking for writers and need a recommendation, feel free to contact me.

last updated on January 4, 2017
(inspired by Derek Sivers)